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Sat, Jun 10



Psychodynamic group work with trauma. The crisis of creativity and recovery

Key speaker – Phil Towle, the coach that helped Metallica save themselves. The Metallica Group coaching case 20 years later. Webinar. *Please be cognizant of applicable time zones

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Psychodynamic group work with trauma. The crisis of creativity and recovery
Psychodynamic group work with trauma. The crisis of creativity and recovery

Time and place

Jun 10, 2023, 9:00 AM – 10:30 AM PDT


About the event

June 10, 2023

9 – 10.30 AM Pacific Time

*Please be cognizant of applicable time zones

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Trauma is a dramatic psychological reaction to a painful life event and/or debilitating chronic dysfunction. Trauma is heightened, amplified when early onset of symptoms is ignored, eventually building to a point where, we can no longer avoid what must be addressed, dealt with, cured. An underrated usefulness of trauma is that it shocks people, organizations, and relationships into transforming unproductive, unhealthy, thus damaging strategies in groups, behaviors, and patterns, which have incapacitated human health and function.

In 1986, when Metallica, one of the world’s most powerful musical influencers, suffered the death of its beloved bassist in a tragic bus accident, where all three others survived. Trying to move forward without processing both their severe pain of loss and their subconscious ambivalence toward their new member…Eventually, the band could only live out their unhealed trauma. Success and fame are intoxicants themselves…and, this remarkable creative enterprise, Metallica, continued to achieve in spite of its aforementioned tragedy. It was roughly 15 years after the founding of the group, their management, reached out to Phil Towle, former psychotherapist, to bring the group out of a creative block.

His hiring allowed him an unprecedented engagement with Metallica, with whom he coached for roughly 3 years on site. Some sessions were filmed and released as a brilliant award-winning documentary “Some Kind of Monster” that gave both the entertainment and psychological worlds a partnership that has positively pioneered psychology with entertainers under pressure.

The Metallica Group coaching case is a starting point for psychodynamic group coaching training in IPDC. Phil Towle was invited to present Metallica case 15 years ago and has most recently served as a regular contributing member of IPDC, where he currently mentors Eastern European Psychoanalysts, Psychologists, Coaches in the art of psychodynamic coaching, often using the healing of Metallica trauma as a valued teaching reference. Studying Phil Towle's work for several years, his unique access and often daily immersion in the conflicts that have accumulated in the group over a long period of time, IPDC students can find value and the long-term nature of psychological transformation, including that of the coach / therapist.

Psychodynamic coaching helps both prevent and heal extreme stresses and trauma that accompany public performance and psychologically unattended celebrity. Famous people, сcelebrities are under tremendous pressure to cope with the intangibles of fame!

They need coaching their internal human personalities alongside successes, in order for them to maintain their career success, and more importantly their mental wellness.

This is applicable to all human stresses related to achievement at all levels especially those who are our famous role models.

IPDC offers the opportunity for all the webinar attendees to talk with Phil Towle about his work and to share valuable insights from the Metallica experience. We can learn how not just managing but converting “group” trauma toward advancing our human condition.

We all live and work in a world that is in serious trauma. IPDC mission pursues using human trauma as a therapeutic tool to co-create stronger togetherness.

Key speaker - Phil Towle

Phil works with “Difference makers” committed to using their God-given talents to fulfill their highest possibilities, and those around them determined to transform each hardship, setback, and self-imposed limitation, into superior achievement. Phil Towle is IPDC (The Institute of Psychodynamic Coaching) co-founder, METALLICA's "performance coach", Performance Coach to Difference Makers (Celebrated Entertainers, Elite Athletes, Visionary Business Leaders)

His clients include:


*Prominent Silicon Valley business leaders and consultants

*Eastern European psychologists/analysts/business entrepreneurs training to become psychologistes and executive coaches

*Oscar, Golden Globe, and Emmy winning actors/actresses


Webinar host - Ekaterina Belokoskova-Mikhaylova, Ph.D., IPDC CEO, a member of AGPA

Registration capacity: Registration is limited and will close on Thursday, June 8 at 1:00 PM (Pacific).

Cost: $50

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